Cloud Connection

Seven units, a common cloud.

The Cloud Connection consists of seven different and distinct Cloud Units. They work closely together and realize projects in the fields of business consulting, marketing, communication, design, event technology, data analysis and digital technology.

At the headquarters in St. Moritz, a total of around ten motivated people work in the various units. Worldwide, up to 72 creative minds work for Cloud Connection.

Design terminal

We are cosmopolitan, enthusiastic about sports, creative and trained in renowned institutes and companies. Our mission is to make your advertising message relevant to the product and the target group and to communicate it using suitable technologies.

Innobyte GmbH

We love data, a lot of data. Only one thing we love even more: data!
We measure everything that you can measure, even the not obvious. Based on this data pool, we help large and small companies optimize their sales activities and achieve sales targets.

We accompany our customers from the business idea through the scaling phase to the integration into international companies.

Furger Textconcept

Words that touch. Sentences that invade. Stories that get stuck. To formulate texts in this way is my claim. My goal is to put your ideas and thoughts in a nutshell so that your message reaches the customer and partner.

What can I do for you? Design brochures, create content, write press releases, do storytelling, use social media, create ghostwriting. In short, where you falter, I write on - so that your message arrives on time.

Because I am familiar with the white sheet.


Do you have a crazy plan and are looking for ways to implement it? Are you yourself an organizational talent and need only technical equipment? Or would you rather celebrate with your guests and leave everything else to us?

We are your partner for multimedia event technology and help you there, where it relieves you of stress. No matter if you just need a wireless microphone or the technical solution of unusual ideas.

Eliane Hugentobler

Your personal event manager

How does an event become unique and unforgettable? If it is tailor-made to your needs. What are you planning? An intimate celebration, a corporate event or a gala dinner? I will gladly advise you or implement your event from A to Z.

Joy, creativity and empathy are my strengths. In addition, I have a large network, a lot of know-how and many years of experience as an event manager.

Some references
Lamborghini Lounge St. Moritz
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.
Switzerland-Lucerne Gourmet and Wine Festival, Beijing


We are techies!

Since 2006 we have been developing reliable web and mobile applications for customers around the world - and a little bit beyond.

We do what we love and combine our know-how with the needs of our customers. Around 50 imaginative and exquisite brains work for Innobyte Solutions. They are our greatest asset.

data revolt

Even the most creative performance marketers do not do any good if you can not focus on the business goal.

data revolt carries exactly this property in its DNA since its inception.

From data to action and back to data. We are proud to have you as part of our Cloud Connection.