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Asymmetry is more beautiful than symmetry


Why? Because an asymmetrical image section looks more interesting and harmonious to the eye. The keyword: The Golden Ratio.

Derived from photography, the basic rule of the golden section is to create a harmonious image structure. The approximate route distribution is ⅓ to ⅔, which is often displayed as grid in the camera displays. The main object is placed at one of the four intersections, which means it is not centered. So it is possible to find a good picture.

The smaller section is related to the larger as well as the larger section to the whole. Seen in this way, symmetry is also present in the golden section: it lies not in the equality of the individual parts, but in the relative proportions of the parts to one another. That's why after the Golden Ratio built-up images look perfect in itself.

At Design Terminal we look for the right placement of objects in graphic work. In the ski service Corvatsch Magazin we have applied the rule of the golden section in different areas: both in the image section of the individual photos as well as in the area distribution generally in the catalog. A simple mathematical formula gives us a grid to position the individual objects in the right place.

Are you looking for the right proportions for your brochure or website? Proper calculation of page margins, column spacing, and line spacing is of significant importance for optimal visual impact. We're happy to help you find the right page layout and construction of typesetting phrases, illustrations and images.

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