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In order to gain attention in our fast world, it needs the "wow effect". Illustrations are a great way to create "Wows" and "Ohs." Illustrations reflect the character of a company. They are personal, full of character and entertaining. And they set the company apart from the competition. Illustrations condense the image information to essentials. That's why they are so popular and efficient in marketing.

For our long-standing customer Skiservice Corvatsch, we regularly create illustrations from Design Terminal. Be it for the Skiservice Magazin magazine or for event invitations like "Buna Not Marmot".

Illustrations are also a decisive style element in e-commerce. Comic-like icons are gladly clicked on. For an Engadine mountain railway company we designed illustrations for the online ticket shop.

Are you looking for more distinctiveness to illustrate a project? An illustration is the right way. The effort is always worthwhile.

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