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Targeting images to action


Should a picture say more than 1000 words? Not necessarily. In advertising, a picture is effective if it produces only a few, wanted associations.

Targeting photos in order to trigger certain emotions in the viewer is part of the acronym of a good graphic artist. He needs a professional program, creative skill and experience. At Design Terminal, professional image editing is an integral part of everyday professional life.

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The visual appearance of White Turf 2018 is a good example of how effectively altered photos create a deliberate effect. For the horse races on the frozen Lake St. Moritz, Design Terminal has developed an effect that is inspired by the painterly art.

With Photoshop, we have edited the photos to be more abstract and painted like oil paints. In addition, we have strongly emphasized key elements of the photos in color to highlight the movement and the dynamics that characterize horse racing. And the painting effect underlines the more than 111-year-old tradition of White Turf.

Last but not least, the viewer's attention is increased with such elaborately altered images. However, it is crucial that the image effects and overall design are unique to the event or business. At Design Terminal we are happy to help you to realize a visual concept for your project.

Design Terminal creates the visual identity for White Turf every year. In other years we have worked with geometric shapes or traditional mandalas.

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