How Lamborghini increased conversion through Virtual Reality with us

Going to market with the new Urus in Europe.

How Lamborghini increased conversion through Virtual Reality with us


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It's clear that the Italian automaker is not exhibiting its latest cars anywhere but in places like New York or St. Moritz. Only these two cities currently have a Lamborghini Lounge.

For Lamborghini we did a virtual tour of the lounge in St. Moritz and the new Lamborghini URUS, which is considered the fastest SUV in the world. That's how we made it to the Lamborghini website with millions of viewers.

First, we created a 3-dimensional model of the URUS interior and the entire lounge. Selected objects were previously precisely positioned so that they can be seen in virtual space. Afterwards, we were able to link the merchandising products directly to Lamborghini's e-commerce shop. Of course, the use of tracking tools to analyze the data georeferenced could not be missing in such an international appearance. We are proud to have been able to support Lamborghini and St. Moritz on this journey and look forward to further cooperation.





Lamborghini Lounge St. Moritz

The Lamborghini Lounge St. Moritz opened its doors in February 2018 for four weeks, already in its second year.

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