The Argentinian chimichurri sauce, redesigned with modern swiss food technologies

Even if we go by analogy, we get fine.


Project description

Sometimes we dare. We leave our beautiful, digital world and tackle an analogue project - a culinary, to be precise. At, we not only take care of the packaging and marketing, but also the content. This means that we have developed the Chimichurri Sauce ourselves - during long evenings with plenty of beef and red wine.

It takes a lot of development for a South American product to be sold in Europe. Chimichurri is a sauce that is mainly served with meat in Argentina. In a first phase we have defined to what extent we want to adapt the spicy sauce to the European taste.

One difficulty was to use fresh herbs for the incomparable taste while ensuring a long shelf life. Food professionals from Switzerland were always at our side.




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Great response in Europe

Of course we use all our marketing experience to put the sauce on European plates: with market analysis, storytelling, design and our large network.

Top-class wine merchants and butchers from Switzerland sell our Chimichurri sauce. And we are pleased to see that demand is growing. And above all, we enjoy the daily taste explosion when eating Chimichurri.

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