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Galloping through the year


White Turf. That stands for race & class, exclusivity & attraction, champagne climate & champagne cake. And of course: for speed. This is of course ensured by the noble thoroughbreds, which whirl up the snow under their flying hooves on the frozen lake, but we at Cloud Connection are also very quick:
For a year (since October 2018) we filmed the hustle and bustle on Lake St. Moritz using a webcam on our office roof, seasoned the whole Chose with a time-lapse - and the slow change of the seasons quickly turned into a pretty cool film!

The ice quickly conquers the surface of the water, the snow groomers whiz back and forth on the snow, and the tent city is created - Zack, zack - as if by magic from nothing and on the three days of racing, the otherwise calm snow area becomes a populated event venue. From 0 to 100 in a few seconds.

And now? Now spring is approaching in seven-mile steps, the sun's rays are gaining warmth, the first buds are floating ... well, time flies by as always ...

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