The most popular color on the internet

Take a moment to think about the internet. It's huge, right? And it's made up of millions of colors so it would be pretty difficult to pick just one. But [...]

Steer with colors

Steering with colors purple? Of course Milka! Mmmm ... tender chocolate, 100 % alpine milk and yes, the cow with the «Muuuh». Or a red area with lively white lettering? Also [...]

Galloping through the year

At a gallop through the year White Turf. That stands for race & class, exclusivity & attraction, champagne climate & champagne cup. And of course: for speed. Of course, [...]

Night photography

Yes, dear readers ... first of all sorry, because anyone who took an "h" for a "k" will surely look a bit disappointed ... but this article is actually 'only' [...]

Top tips for top shots

They are just in a class of their own: aerial photography. «Fascinating!», «Spectacular!», «Incredible!» Descriptions of drone photos cannot do without these enthusiastic words. But [...]

A question of honour

A question of honor There are things you just don't do. Which almost represent a violation of professional honor. Which one almost does not want to pronounce for fear of being [...]

Asymmetry is more beautiful than symmetry

Asymmetry is more beautiful than symmetry Why? Because an asymmetrical image section looks more interesting and harmonious to the eye. The keyword here: the golden ratio. From the [...]

SSL - is my website secure?

In the beginning there was the website ... ... then a lot of things like security, SSL, form data, credit card data, search engine rankings and much more. For some time now, safety has been a [...]

Let there be light

Let there be light It always sounds a bit exaggerated to call something a “phenomenon”, but in the case of “Abusizz” it hits the nail on the head: 10,000 years ago [...]

Targeting images to action

Bringing pictures to their effect Should a picture say more than 1000 words? Not necessarily. In advertising, an image is effective if it creates only a few, intentional associations.

Cloud Connection supports Mischa Fritsch

Cloud Connection supports Mischa Fritsch Do you know Mischa Fritsch? He's a good friend of Cloud Connection and a notable artist. He doesn't paint himself, but lets [...]

Identification by illustration

To attract attention in our fast-paced world, you need the "wow factor". Illustrations are a great way to create “wows” and “ohs”. Illustrations reflect the [...]

Virtual through the Lamborghini Lounge

Virtually through the Lamborghini Lounge The Lamborghini Lounge St. Moritz was already a great success in 2017 - so great that we continued the success story.



Fold Your First Cloud Project. Do you need help with folding? Or in your project? No problem. We are happy to support you with the utmost care so that you can fully develop [...]

Closer cooperation with event services

Since the beginning of this year we have counted CP Eventservices AG as a member. As a company that offers and rents event technology, it is perfectly structured in the concept of the cloud [...]

Proud partner of «St. Moritz does not make sense »

The flags that keep popping up on a walk through St. Moritz arouse curiosity. Curious about what they mean and who is behind them. Swinging freely or at [...]

Cloud Connection oversees Vash start-up

Vash - a young start-up company that offers mobile car cleaning, was accompanied and supported from A to Z by Cloud Connection St. Moritz. The still new in Switzerland [...]

Alpine tourism hackathon

From March 21 to 23, 2017, the first alpine tourism hackathon was held in the Rondo congress and culture center in Pontresina. The regional development of the canton of Graubünden has this [...]

Lamborghini Lounge St. Moritz 2017

When normal people die, they are remembered for framed photos or personal anecdotes told by loved ones. Monuments are being built, streets are named after [...]

Cloud Connection in new Office

When technology meets communication and design, it takes a lot of space. Even more room for creativity, innovation, technology and much more was found on the Via Serlas 23 in St. [...]