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Cloud Connection supports Mischa Fritsch


Do you know Mischa Fritsch? He is a good friend of Cloud Connection and a remarkable artist. He does not paint himself, but lets nature paint for him. However, in order for the viewer to be able to stand before a perfectly formed picture, a lot of creativity and ingenuity are required.

For example, Mischa lets a pen dance over a screen, driven only by the wind. Elementary drawing he calls this art form. The result looks like a ball of wool: circular, beautifully shaded, pure harmony. Amazing, but also plausible: After all, nature is perfect and represents the highest art form. What man creates, in comparison, always remains fragmentary.

Exhibition extended until the end of August 2019
Mischa Fritsch is a South African with Austrian roots. He loves remote and barren landscapes. He is currently staying in the Engadine and finds his studio around the Bernina Pass. The wind painted picture was created at the pass. And on the Morteratsch glacier he took "prints" off the glacier with giant canvas tarpaulins.

These current works, created in and by Engadine nature, can be seen and admired until August 30th.
Where? In the Château des Papillons in St. Moritz.

Cloud Connection takes care of the appropriate staging of the pictures: CP St. Moritz Event Services is responsible for lighting and sound technology. Design Terminal has designed the invitation and posters for the vernissage. We are pleased to continue supporting Mischa Fritsch in his work. Cool are you there.

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