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A question of honour


There are things you just don't do. Which almost represent a violation of professional honor. Which you almost don't want to say for fear that after a round of “silent mail” our customers might think that we would recommend these ... well, these “things whose names cannot be mentioned”! Oh horror!

On the one hand.

On the other hand, we at Cloud Connection have a certain responsibility, don't we? Ultimately, we guarantee our customers that we will protect them from everything that is useless, superfluous, unaesthetic and evil on the World Wide Web. So after a long discussion we decided to warn you about 4 absurdities which - if you ever hear them from a program designer - should definitely set off the alarm bells for you. Our tip: Break off contact immediately and contact us (code word «customer protection program»)!

Absurd 1 «Use Internet Explorer.»


Don't do it! Massive security gaps make IE a real risk factor. Our tip: Use Chrome.

Absurd 2 "Just send me all the pictures in a Word document."


On. Nothing. Case. Exclamation mark. Word is a TEXT processing program and treats images correspondingly badly, because they are simply useless when copied in. Point. Out. The End. Our tip: Send us photos as high-resolution photo files (.jpg or .tiff) and logos as vectorized graphics files (.eps or .pdf).

Absurd 3 «It's best to use Comic Sans as the font. It's really cool. "


Are you a cartoonist and need text for your speech bubbles? Ok, you'll be happy with Comic Sans. For everyone else: please hands off this dachshund font! Our tip: Plain fonts allow statements to speak for themselves and the overall design is not disturbed. "

Absurd 4 «The content is not ready yet? No problem!"


Oooh, BIG problem! Absurdity number 4 contradicts one of the oldest design wisdom. Ever. The minimum penalty for disregarding the “FFF” rule is lifelong forced use of Internet Explorer and Word images. FFF = Form follows function = The form follows the function. For the first time pronounced in 1852, burned into the designer's brain to this day. In other words: without content, the design goes nowhere.

Our tip for the hardened: Bring the content.

Our tip for the undecided: We are also happy to help you with the development of your content.

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