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Let there be light


It always sounds a bit exaggerated to call something a “phenomenon”, but in the case of “Abusizz” it hits the nail on the head: Already 10,000 years ago, people in the Zermatt mountains came together for a convivial get-together around warming fireplaces. In the course of time, this “cozy get-together and philosophize about God and the world” became a social one - voilà: a phenomenon of Abusizz and a fixed rite of many families and friends.

At cloudconnection, too, we no longer want to be without Abusizz: Because our work is always based on a solid foundation and that we always stand firmly in life not only with two, but even with four solid legs, not only our great team, but also ours Partner, the furniture manufacturer Abusizz: Your unusually talented table, which surprises with touch sensors and razor-sharp projections, invites you to brainstorm, discuss and plan (incidentally, since its acquisition and thanks to its James Bond-like technical functions, our meetings have skyrocketed in popularity!).

Abusizz is now also providing enlightenment in other ways: "Lamp +" is the name of the magic lamp from the Zermatt joinery. Like its brother, the “Tisch +”, the Swiss wood product looks traditionally elegant and yet it harbors numerous technical surprises: It serves as a high-resolution projector, interacts with finger or computer mouse movements thanks to special sensors and is at the same time an aesthetic loudspeaker.

And of course it also does what lamps do when they are not projecting, being “touched” or serving as an audio device: She makes sure that a light dawns on us!

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